If you’re like most of us, you can’t stand packing your rice cooker on your trips. It’s just too heavy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on the road. This rice cooker doesn’t require you to pack up the whole cooker. A portable rice cooker, can be used on the road. This rice cooker is small an reliable enough to not take up much space in your luggage, so you can take it anywhere. You can read the best Asian rice cookers reviews here at NualaLondon.com

What is a travel rice cooker?

A travel rice cooker is a non-electric rice cooker that is perfect for long trips. They’re compact and make cooking rice in the middle of a busy city that much easier. They’re also good for camping and hiking because you can cook rice without having to disturb your sleeping bag. Another fun fact about travel rice cookers is that you can use them to make rice in a pot on a camp stove.

Why should you buy a travel rice cooker?

It’s a no-brainer really, right? This is a cooking device that can save your day! Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a travel rice cooker.

Portable. You can use it anywhere and travel anywhere. The cooker itself is compact and light, so it will be easy to pack. It’s also portable, so you can take it with you.

Why travel with a rice cooker?

For one, rice cooker is good for making a quick meal that’s not too labor intensive. I can usually make a simple stir fry that requires a stove, rice cooker or crockpot in about 15-20 minutes with only a few basic ingredients. When I want to make a hearty meal, I can do the same thing with some chicken, potatoes, and a can of stewed tomatoes. You don’t have to be a slave to the stove every day when you can make healthy meals so much easier, and with just a few minutes of work in the morning.

When it comes to using a rice cooker, you can throw in your ingredients in the morning, and come home at the end of the day to a hot meal. This makes for a fast, economical meal in a tiny space.

How to use a rice cooker

In order to use a rice cooker, you do need some common kitchen utensils.

What are some of the best travel rice cookers?

1. Dualit Best Bamboo Cooker

This electric cooker has a timer and two programs, to make perfect rice every time. It comes with a vessel for making creamy curries. This rice cooker gets better and better. Make super fluffy mornay sauces and risottos using this little cooker. Don’t be scared of cooking food in this oven. It can cook your meals in six minutes, whatever it is that you are making, its always the right way to go, and if you like the flavours of many different cuisines, the cookers comes with eight different preset recipes and has a timer, which is a nice added bonus.

2. Breville Fast Cook Rice Cooker

The plastic exterior makes the Breville plastic rice cooker looks ugly, but it is perfect for portability and to carry around. It has a lid that is easily removed and cleaned.